The Inconvenient Indian


In this time of radical change and essential re-examination, The Inconvenient Indian brings to life Thomas King’s brilliant dismantling of North America’s colonial narrative, reframing this history with the powerful voices of those continuing the tradition of Indigenous resistance.

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“North America has had a long association with Native people, but despite the history that the two groups have shared, North America no longer sees Indians.

What it sees are war bonnets, beaded shirts, fringed deerskin dresses, loincloths, headbands, feathered lances, tomahawks, moccasins, face paint, and bone chokers.

These bits of cultural debris – authentic and constructed – are what literary theorists like to call “signifiers,” signs that create a “simulacrum.” A simulacrum is something that represents something that never existed. Or, in other words, the only truth on the thing is the lie itself.”

– Thomas King